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These Oakville district vineyards combine cutting-edge clone and rootstock technology with custom farming practices to provide small production wineries with quintessential Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Site Characteristics:

  • Located near the Vaca Range, soils are deep alluvial clay loams
  • Despite deep rooting, minimal irrigations and covercropping make vines moderately vigorous
  • Influenced somewhat by bay fog, afternoons are reliably warm and sunny
  • Ultra-premium fruit result from this partnership of two great winegrowing families: the Nords and the Sangiacomos


  • Soils are protected by no-till cover crops
  • Compost is applied to add organic matter and slowly released nutrients
  • Frost protection sprinkler heads use low-flow nozzles for water conservation
  • Employees receive health counseling at an annual health fair