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The loamy, non-serpentine soils at this Pope Valley site in the Napa Valley’s northeast corner promote big, full-bodied, luscious wines. Jonquil, the French name for daffodil, also showcases the Nord family’s committment to preservation and sustainability as the vineyards sit among wildflowers, huge gnarled oak trees, and native American cultural sites.

Site Characteristics:

  • A complex landscape of hills and creeks, with blocks carefully matched to topography
  • Soils are Pleasonton loam with areas of Bressa-Dibble complex
  • Climate is similar to Calistoga, with warm, sunny summer days
  • Ample water suppy allows frost protection and careful irrigation when needed


  • Streambank erosion sites restored with natural structures: willow revetments and rock barbs
  • A wetland was created providing wildlife habitat
  • No-till floors of clovers and annual grasses protect the soil from erosion
  • Plow-down cover crops add organic matter and a source of nitrogen